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Red Dress Transformations

Why Red Dress Transformations?

Have you ever worn a red dress before?
I have and I know that as soon as I put my red dress on, I feel authentic, confident, and fearless. I am making it my mission to help other women feel like this.

I have completely transformed my life by implementing the many things I have learned about abundance, manifesting, universal laws, coaching, NLP techniques, parenting, relationships, money, business, etc. into my life. I have had a total transformation!

As a Transformational Life Strategist, I help women to have a total transformation in their lives by releasing fear, doubt and stress to create an authentic, confident and fearless life.

You have found this page because deep down your intuition is telling you that something needs to change and you know the truth. You may be feeling some unrest in your life and know that you are seeking balance and happiness. Keep reading because I know I can help you find it.

Working with Vanessa has been such an amazing experience. Not only did she pinpoint exactly what has been holding me back from success in my business AND my life, she’s given me easy tools to make sure I move forward with momentum, joy, and ease. I can’t thank her enough for her unwavering support, helping me live at a higher level of happiness, and enabling me to be in the driver’s seat of my life. Vanessa is a total rockstar, and I’d recommend her to anyone who feels stuck, frustrated, and blocked.

You are amazing at lasering in (for others AND yourself) on exactly what needs to shift – and then getting it (seemingly like magic) to happen FAST.  In general you are one of the fastest action takers and shifters I’ve ever met.  You live in integrity are are willing to look at yourself and do the work in order to be of better service to others.
– Allison, The Business Joyologist
I have had the privilege of working with Vanessa Schellenberg for years.  The truth is that she lives her message, that she has had REAL results (from the financial to the emotional to the spiritual).  If you are looking to take your life to the next level, take this opportunity!!  Windows of opportunity open and close…do not let this one close on you.  Thank you for your willingness to give back and for being a light, Vanessa!
AndyHigher Laws

If you feel stuck in any areas of your life, head over to Work With Me to see how I can help you break through your blocks and start living with abundance!