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Before I started coaching with Vanessa I was so stuck in getting clients to sign up with me after our strategy sessions.  I knew I could help women transform their lives but there was a disconnect in actually getting someone to know that and feel confident to hire me.  I kept hearing no after no and couldn’t figure out what to do.  It was frustrating to know I had something valuable to share but wasn’t going anywhere.  I thought my block was the system/process.  What Vanessa helped me unfold was the greater block around my own self! She highlighted the patterns that were preventing things from coming into all aspects of my life.  The deep work we have done has shifted my life immensely and rapidly.

After coaching with Vanessa, I have a 100% sign on rate from every strategy session and am loving seeing each of my clients transform powerfully.  And beyond that and completely unexpected, I’ve seen more money flowing into my life, I started a new relationship and I feel great about myself and where I’m going!  I’d recommend Vanessa’s coaching program to any woman who is ready for action on the outside AND the inside and an unbelievable (yet possible!) transformation. 

– Shazia, The Life Engineer


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**Vanessa Schellenberg is a Certified Life Coach and is not a therapist, counselor, or involved in mental health in any way. If you feel that you should seek mental health assistance in any way due to depression or any other symptoms you may be exhibiting, please make an appointment with your nearest health care provider.


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